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Export Hosting Agent

     Export hosting agency service means that CNY can act on those enterprises behalf to deal with the export procedures professionally, when they have applied for licenses of import and export but are lack of professional operations or do not know how to operate in the actual export business. We provide overall service including bill signing in domestic and foreign trade, examination of L/C, shipping space booking, partial exports inspection, export declarations, a full set of export documents, shipment, insurance, and examination of negotiation documents, negotiation collection, foreign exchange verification and tax refund. Meanwhile we provide the processing trade services, international transport services and customs clearance services. Our clients can entrust us to put all business in place without their involvements or we can deal with all or part of the business according to their needs; we will solve all kinds of problems in every procedure for clients with our professional skills and dedication and with a quick accurate response and best efficient service.

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