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Bonded Transit Trade Agent

 Bonded area entrepot trade agency service is CNY can agent relevant trade business, entrusted by clients within scope of authority including the bonded port, area and custom warehouse, so as to enable clients to enjoy the Overseas System carried out by the customs and special policies as other tax, foreign exchange, clearance. It involves applying for entrepot trade for refund to help clients export the goods to bonded area and claim for early refund, one-day-tour entrepot trade in bonded area to help clients complete a normal import and export trade data, deep processing carry trade in bonded area to help clients avoid import tax through the completion of deep processing of bonded area, processing trade after export and entrepot to help clients transfer the domestic materials from bonded area to domestic, entrepot trade after return and process to help clients transfer the exported goods to bonded area for processing and then to another foreign tradesmen.

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