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Sea-Land and Air Multi-modal Transportation

 CNY logistics international multi-modal transportation creates the combined transportation platform through trail, land, ocean, and air. With the rich operation experience of multi- modal transportation, high-quality operation team, continuously improved software and hardware facilities and huge logistics network support, we can provide clients with professional and personalized whole logistics solutions.Making use of connected road and rail network within Chinese territory, Our company has extended the shipping service to various cities along the railway line, by one-stop container shipping available to the world, at the same time, we combine air and sea transportation together to provide clients with the widest, fastest and most convenient multi-modal transport service. Services include continental bridge transit transport, which relies on global freight service system, provide one-stop international multi-modal combined transportation service so as to offer our clients a whole transportation solution with the best route, at lowest cost and in shortest time by multimodal transport B/L; international trail/land multimodal transportation: we have a good cooperation relationship with five central Asian countries, Russia, others countries such as Mongolia, Korea, and Europe, and provide the import and export international railway and road transportation; sea-railway transportation: we offer sea-rail combined transportation from Chinese ports to inland by transshipping, as well as the combined transportation from Chinese inland railway to ports by ocean shipping, which offers a seamless service for clients .

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