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WENZHOU port coordinated Transportation

   Located in the south of Zhejiang and the middle of gold coastline along the southeast coast, Wenzhou port is one of the 25 major ports and the national important hub ports. With Shanghai port and Ningbo-Zhoushan port to the north, Fuzhou port and Xiamen port to the south, and facing Taiwan's Kaohsiung port, Keelung harbor across the sea to the southeast, it’s the nearest port to Taiwan ports in Zhejiang province, with 350 km coastline, belonging to the south of the Yangtze river delta economic zone, and the area of Wenzhou bay, Yueqing bay in the south of Zhejiang province.According to the Master Plan of Wenzhou Port approved by the Ministry of Transport and Zhejiang provincial government , Wenzhou port can be divided into seven port districts, including three core port districts such as Zhuangyuanao port district, Yueqing port district, Daxiaomendao port district, and other four auxiliary port districts such as Oujiang, Ryan, Pingyang, Cangnan port districts. Wenzhou port has a very broad space and prospect in development, so Ningbo port has increased its investments in the container feeders of Wenzhou foreign trade, and Wenzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai three ports are running the Phase II project of Qili port, which will further enhance the Wenzhou feeder scale, and the government will intensify the inland transport construction of port matching facilities to create more favorable conditions. Focusing on Wenzhou local goods import and export, CNY logistics offers Wenzhou port combined transport service, arranges the high-frequency feeder from Wenzhou to Ningbo, and ensures the seamless connection with trunk line transportation of Ningbo port, at the same time it replaces inland truck transport to reduce the inland transportation cost sharply, so as to raise the price competitiveness of clients’ products.

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