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Russian Transportation

 CNY logistics focuses on Russian transport logistics services, provides you with the sea transport, Russian air transport, Russian automotive transport, Russian rail transportation, Russian multi-modal transport from China to Russia, and provides various transports according to the clients’ time requirements.We have professional clearance agent in Moscow and Vladivostok in Russia, with rich experience in transportation, we can provide the professional service, clearance agent service, collecting receivables, warehousing and distribution service. At the same time, we provide the a series of transport services such as wagon reinforcement scheme, export declaration and inspection, cargo tracking, door to door transportation, transportation insurance, especially we have exclusive advantages in protection of international railway container transport plan, wagon transport, railway LCL, border customs clearance, inspection and reloading. We can provide a full set of formal clearance documents, and we have a good relationship with Russian transport regional customs and law firms, which ensure that the lowest tariff within the scope permitted by law. All the clearance documents provided can fully guarantee the regular clearance, inspection, taxes payment and the legality of origin, and permit all goods to be sold legally in all markets, stores and supermarkets within Russian territory. Transport routes: international road transport: 1. Truck combined transport throughout the country--NZH-Russia 2. Trucks-Erenhot--Mongolia 3. Trucks--Alataw pass--central Asia 4. Trucks-- Khorgos--central Asia. Russian ocean transport:1. China port--Vladivostok port or east port--far eastern railway to Moscow 2. China port--St. Petersburg--Moscow. 3. Ports--Novorossiysk--Moscow.Russia rail transportation: 1. Suifenhe-- Ussuriysk--Moscow.2. NZH--Chita--Russia 3.Erenhot--Ulan Bator--Ulan Ude-- Russia 4. Alataw Pass--KZ--Chelyabinsk or OMSK--Russia 5. Chongqing--Alataw pass--Moscow. Russian Ocean transport:1. China ports--Russia Vladivostok or East port--Russia federation cities 2. China ports--Russia ports--Russia cities 3. China ports--St. Petersburg --Russia cities.

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