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Bonded Area Logistics

 CNY duty-free logistics can help clients in bonded area to achieve four functions such as international trade, bonded warehousing, import and export processing and distribution, and assist them to use bonded area as green channel of international trade import and export. As an important point in a global marketing network, it cultivates and forms into a modern logistics operation mode integrated with goods warehousing, distribution and dispatching.combination of personnel, facilities and systems.We have a large area of warehouse and outdoor storage yard in bonded area and duty-free logistics park, automatic lifting of loading and unloading platform, which can meet the needs of a variety of vehicles to loading and unloading. And advanced and sound working facilities, high shelves in part of the indoor warehouses, reasonable machines and human power according to the goods requirements effectively guarantee the operational efficiency and cargo security. With people-oriented management concept and customer-centered service, we guarantee the quality of duty-free logistics through the perfect.Services include: 1. International trade, domestic sale after imported goods reach the area by ocean shipping; re-import and entrepot after domestic exported goods reach the area.2. Simple processing, after the goods reach the bonded area, through scanning, sorting and repacking, we will pack and ship according the clients’ orders.3. Logistics distribution, faced with China and the Asia-Pacific region, we build the distribution center, offer clients one-top service of exhibition, sales and supply, which effectively ease the cost and delivery cycle problem.4. Factory logistics, for enterprises in the area or the relevant enterprises, we offer comprehensive material services including production materials, finished goods storage management, customs clearance, commodity inspection, domestic distribution, handbook application and verification, etc.5. One-day business at the logistics park, it reduces the departure logistics cost directly, increases the speed of logistics, shortens product transaction time, and replaces “one-day trip abroad”. 6. Entrepot trade 7. Return and repair 8. Processing carry trade 9. Early tax refund.

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