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Warehouse Consolidation Service

 Warehouse service features:1. Advanced bar code management system can ensure the accuracy of the goods import and export, and goods automatic distribution can improve the working efficiency of tally clerk and forklift, and the timeliness of data can make the clients know the latest information of goods at any time. 2. Perfect network system can realize the data sharing among departments and improve the operation efficiency and accuracy, which enables clients to fully enjoy the advantages of one-stop service. 3. The refinement of logistics warehouse management enables clients to save a lot of energy and financial resources. Warehouse assembly includes warehousing, packing, devanning, changing package, LCL, sorting and packaging, measurement of size, weighing, play, film, bar code management, label sticking, etc., and provides the order management and comprehensive logistics operations such as distribution logistics and import distribution, and customizes one-to-one supply chain logistics solutions according to different needs of clients. Our experienced service team will satisfy your logistics requirements timely and effectively with professional skills and modern equipment. CNY warehouse assembly provides clients with centralized warehouses of goods from many suppliers to classify and collect packing, and we run a number of bonded and non-bonded warehouses, with the advantage of the geographical position, we can connect with ports, airports and distribution centers better, improve the turnover of goods, and achieve the high standard of goods security. 4. Additional professional inspection room in the warehouse makes it possible for clients to conduct professional QC inspection. 5. Professional warehouse management information system has achieved the data sharing with the clients, which provides the checking and data remote monitoring service for the clients. 6. On-time Factory pick-up service makes the logistics realize the seamless connection. 7. Factory loading supervision, equipped with supervision staff, can provide the factory loading supervision service for the clients. 8. Security, 24 hours closed-circuit television monitoring system, uninterrupted inspection of security personnel, and the rigorous safety operation, management, examination, guest visit, personnel identification system can ensure the goods security , and perfect alarm, automatic sprinkler system and the various fire equipment in a good condition has received full recognition from fire units. 9. Comprehensive high insurance, insured by good-credit insurance company, guarantees the clients’ interests.

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