CNY Company Profile

    CNY company was founded in June 6,2007,including Wenzhou CNY Import &Export Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang CNY Logistics Ltd. etc. Our company is specialized in the non-core business outsourcing service of import & export industry, helping the import & export enterprises to manage effectively and optimize the supply chain structure and providing the professional supply chain management service for our clients. CNY is divided into international trade division, international logistics division, and import and export agent division and so on, which offers international trade purchasing service, international logistics service, import & export agent service and supply chain finance assist service etc.

    Based on logistics, business flows, capital flows and information flows, CNY integrates advantageous resources in import & export industry, and build a comprehensive service platform of supply chain. Our company has built a rich network of manufacture resources, in order to provide our clients with strong production capacity and accurate delivery capacity. We have the excellent system of quality control, which facilitates our clients to control and improve the products quality. Our company’s perfect international logistics network can help our clients optimize the process of logistics, improve the efficiency of logistics and reduce the cost of logistics. Our high efficient operation process of import & export can increase the efficiency of the clients’ products and reduce the risk of import and export. What’s more, our integrated comprehensive financial support network can cooperate with Sinosure, guarantee corporations, banks and factoring companies to provide financial assistant for supporting the development of clients’ business.

    Based on the export industry of Wenzhou and radiating Chinese manufacturing bases, CNY has successfully entered into the hardware industry, shoes industry and small home appliance industry and so on, providing comprehensive import and export services to such well-known importers and domestic exporters as CORTINA、CEC、AUCHAN、CCC、CENTRO、RIVERS、KENAST、KARI、RUSSELL、TOFA. Our company is not only a non-core business service provider for import &export cooperation, but also a strategic partner for clients’ development. We are willing to work with our clients and enterprises shoulder to shoulder to get a win-win situation in the future.

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