1. Professional and efficient team: We own professional business team, operation team and documents-making team, we strictly obey the business secrets to ensure the interests of clients and assist them to conduct business efficiently.

2. Quick and safe fund: The third party supervises the account, with special funds for special use, and settles funds safely and quickly.

3. Cheap service charges: We reduce unit costs through economies of scale to enable clients to pay agency fees almost free so as to reduce the cost.

4. Import and export one-stop service: We have finance, trade and freight forwarding companies to offer integrated supply chain management service related to finance, trade, and logistics.

5. One-stop agent transaction: We offer one-stop agent service for documents, files, licenses, clearance procedures.

6. Clear and professional settlements: We use information management to assist settlements, which helps our clients check their receivables, payments, balances, profits and all kinds of bills in a very convenient way.

7. Simple and standard operations: Our agent business operations are simple, fast and standard.

8. Strict risks control: Our strict and standard operation process and cooperation with ECIC, banks, layers can greatly reduce the risks of receivables, foreign exchange, clearance, infringement, violation.

9. Professional consultation: We deal with the consultation from clients professionally and patiently, provide the optimal solution to solve the barriers of import and export.

10. High-quality cooperation with banks: We cooperate with various high-quality banks, own abundant products of international settlements. Additionally, there are plenty of advance foreign currency, settlement amount and great financing space.

11. Flexible and timely commission: We meet clients’ needs within reasonable limits, providing clients with commission plans, and flexible and timely payment of commission.

12. Saving money and energy for clients: We save time and energy for clients because of effective agency and reduce unnecessary troubles because of rich experience and all-round professional work.

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