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Integrated Logistics Solution Provider

 CNY logistics with years of integrated logistics service management experience, relying on the global logistics network and logistics information network system, according to the specification of the logistics service standards and systems for customers to provide internationalization, specialization, "door to door", "one station type" integrated logistics services, including multi port business, transportation services, warehousing, packing, transportation, customs clearance, and other integrated logistics services and for customers to provide operation process, the means of transport, service time and other tailor-made integrated logistics services solutions. Our experts will on your existing enterprise logistics process, system specification provides the optimization scheme, by advanced analysis and workflow tools to evaluate enterprise logistics cost and service quality, optimization solutions. Including 1 global ocean, air, sea and rail transport solutions, 2 parts distribution solutions, 3 warehouse storage solutions, 4 product transport solutions. At the same time to provide you with the relocation of production lines, major project equipment and material transport, major events and activities of the transport and other projects logistics services. Company to customer supply chain planning, integration, management, equipped with efficient operation of the professional team, fully understand the customer demand, around customer maintenance and marketing channels, customer relationship, information management, for you to create the most perfect, the best quality, most economical logistics solution scheme, company is willing to work with professional service and rich experience, become your side of the integrated logistics solutions provider.


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