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Tax Refund Agent

    Tax refund agency means CNY can be authorized to declare the tax refund for self-export production-oriented enterprises and circulation enterprises assist clients directly and timely to obtain the tax rebates paid by national tax. Because of the professionalism of tax refund, part of self-export enterprises may not arrange or do not arrange the professional persons in consideration of the cost, they can entrust us to declare tax rebates, including tax refund of the circulation enterprises and the deduction of refund of manufacturing enterprises. CNY import and export agent services include sorting out the customs declaration data, charging VAT invoices, certifying invoices, making tax documents, submitting to system, putting paper certificates on file and submission, application of tax rebate by hand, data filing of tax refund for reference. Our tax refund agent business can help clients reduce the labor cost, and improve the speed of tax rebates returning.

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